About BDN Software Inc.

BDN Software specializes in complex, realtime, distributed, and internet oriented applications and systems. We have a deep background in object oriented development and design. Our clients are both large and small. Our development experience spans diverse environments ranging from sundry UNIX variants including Mac OSX, Solaris, Linux, to Microsoft Windows, and a variety of real time kernels. We are accomplished programmers in languages ranging from C++ and Objective-C to CommonLisp and Perl.

BDN Software has experience designing complex server-side web systems, and intelligent data mining software using expert systems, and enterprise database backends typically either Oracle or Sybase. We also have developed drivers and software frameworks for settop products and have a deep knowledge of MPEG and related standards.

BDN Software can help organize small or large distributed software development efforts, provide management assistance, and give advise on software quality.

We strive to make our clients as independent and self sustaining as they want to be. Accordingly, our work products and development process is transparent and well documented.

For more information email info@bdnsoftware.com.